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Machine learning

Business solutions based on artificial intellegence algorithms and services for development, training & deployment of machine learning models

Machine learning cloud services


  • Build models in cloud-managed workspaces
  • Use JupyterLab and Jupyter Notebook - the most popular data processing and machine learning building tools
  • Leverage CPU or GPU-powered workspaces with seamless switch between each other


  • Access to scalable GPU and CPU hardware as well as fast SSD storage for efficient data training
  • Select among popular machine learning frameworks including TensorFlow, PyTorch, Scikit-Learn and others
  • Automate hyperparameter tuning and feature engineering to optimize models on-the-fly


  • Fast deployment, versioning and backup of models
  • Scalable cloud infrastructure based on your computational needs
  • API for integrating model into your product

Conversational AI as a Service

Contact center

Artificial Intelligence for contact center automates the customer service process by answering frequently asked questions and providing all information about your product or service

Sales support

Artificial Intelligence for sales support allows to automate the service order of your product and provides recommendations based on client preferences and needs

Voice broadcast

Artificial Intelligence for voice broadcast helps to deliver an advertising message for target customers and collect user feedback via messengers, social networks and calls

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We focus on powerful and cost-effective hardware

Intel Xeon Gold 6138

Intel Xeon Gold 6138

CPU instances with one of the most powerful modern processors under the hood

NVIDIA T4 Tensor Core GPU

NVIDIA T4 Tensor Core GPU

GPU instances focused on acceleration of computer-intensive artificial intelligence workloads

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Other services

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HPC & Rendering

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Digital Assets

Digital Assets

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