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Powerry invested $5.3 mln — fast-growing conversational AI company

October 30, 2019

2 min read

Powerry invested $5.3 mln — fast-growing conversational AI company

The funds will be used to develop a cloud version of the product, international expansion and the development of a network of partner implementation centers in the markets of South-East Asia, Europe and North America. is developing tools for creating voice robots and building omnichannel communications based on artificial intelligence. The product is used for surveys, customer support, case management, staff recruitment and other tasks. Among the clients of are Beeline, Megafon, MITs Group, Lamoda and KupiVIP.

«The Conversational AI market is at an initial stage of development — in 2018, its volume amounted to $4.2 billion. We expect the market to grow at 30% per year over the next five years. At the same time, the most active growth will be in South-East Asia, and the United States will remain the largest market. These regions are priority for, we plan to direct the attracted investments to the development of a cloud platform for these markets,» says Mr. Nikolay Kravchuk, founder of offers two main solutions: the creation of a turnkey voice robot and a cloud platform for independent creation and management of the robot without the need for technical skills. The company is currently conducting pilot launches with companies from Indonesia and Spain.

The product is characterized by its own NLU algorithm, which can be trained on a small amount of data, short pauses in dialogs due to its own MRCP solution, as well as a smart system for responding to interruptions of a conversation by the interlocutor.

Powerry became the first investor since the company was founded in 2017, before which was developing with the money of the founders. «The development of products based on artificial intelligence is one of the priority areas for the development of Powerry. Investing in has become one of the steps to implement this strategy,» comments the deal Mr. Abdumalik Mirakhmedov, founder of Powerry.

The team will strengthen our expertise in the field of artificial intelligence, and’s Conversational AI developments will be part of the Powerry product offering, along with Computer Vision, NLP, Machine Learning, etc.

Abdumalik MirakhmedovFounder, Powerry has offices in San Jose, USA and Moscow. The founders of are Mr. Nikolay Kravchuk, Mr. Alexander Kuznetsov and Mr. Sergey Avanesov.

Powerry provides data processing services. The Company is engaged in development of products based on artificial intelligence, high-performance computing as well as digital assets management solutions. The Company has four data centers located in Kazakhstan. Powerry employs over 200 specialists and has offices in Moscow and Nur-Sultan.

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