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Powerry will assist in the creation of a new animated film by Anton Vereshchagin titled «I am Cosmos»

October 1, 2019

2 min read

Powerry will assist in the creation of a new animated film by Anton Vereshchagin titled «I am Cosmos»

Data processing company Powerry and the development boutique Animatonics signed a memorandum, whereby both parties intend to participate in the project for the production of an animated short film titled «I am Cosmos». The film will be directed by Anton Vereshchagin, director and showrunner of the Jinglekids animated series, which launched in April 2019 on the largest international VOD platforms Netflix and Ama-zon Prime.

Vereshchagin, who has already proven himself to be a premium content creator in the animated series cat-egory, is soon planning to present a project adhering to a new format — high-quality animation in the mo-bile development segment that he is creating for Social Quantum. The director promises that he will not abandon his idea of «complex projects» when working on the «I am Cosmos» animated short film, which is being produced with the intention of larger animated franchise development. «I am Cosmos» is a 3D CGI sci-fi animated short film. This is an amazing story of courage and humanity, reaching far beyond the borders of our civilization. Anton Vereshchagin’s new project will be produced in partnership with an international consortium, which has already included Powerry.

Chaos Group — the creators of V-Ray — a worldwide leader in computer graphics, will provide the project with software and media support, and CGF Animation — the leading Russian CGI studio is planning to be-come a co-production partner.

Anton Vereshchagin (Film director): «I am Cosmos is an amazing story, a wonderful universe, thought out right down to the last detail. The deafening silence of a hostile Planet, a rescue capsule as a symbol of home and safety, the purple earth theory as a visual reference for extraterrestrial flora; Max Postnikov can be regarded as an example for each of us in the moment of difficult moral choices. This is an incredible life-praising adventure of a little man with a big heart who loved to live. This is not just a short story that I want to share. Moreover, I believe this project may be the beginning of a new big animated franchise».

Abdumalik Mirakhmedov (Co-founder of Powerry): «We see great potential in the animation seg-ment due to the growing need for quality content. Animation integrates within film/cartoon products, as well as in the production of video games and advertising. Our participation in the „I am Cosmos“ project opens up an opportunity for us to further develop this line of business partners who already have extensive experience in this segment. Rendering is one of the new strategic directions in our development and we seek to continue our cooperation and partnerships with other players in this sector».

Ana Savova (Product Marketing Manager, Chaos Group): «We have been fans of Anton’s Jinglekids animated series since the very beginning and we really like the studio’s approach to creating unique animat-ed content and delightful and engaging characters. When we found out about Animatonic’s latest short film „I am Cosmos“ we were happy to get on board and support it. We can’t wait to see what the future brings for astronaut Maxim Postnikov and we’d love to peek into the studio’s vision of space exploration».

About: Anton Vereshchagin — Anton Vereschagin is a Russian animation director, artist, showrunner. He is a graduate of the St. Petersburg State University of Film and Television, where he received an Animation and CG director’s de-gree. He is the director and showunner of the Jinglekids animated series, which won numerous awards all around the world such as the Cyber Sousa Award Golden Prize for «Best Overseas Series» at the Xiamen International Ani-mation Festival (China), «Best animated series» at the San Diego Kids International Film Festival (USA), «Best direc-tor» at the Dityatko and KITI Film Festivals (Ukraine), Multimir Animation and Licensing Award for «Best 3D Graphics» (Russia). The series was nominated for the Magnolia Awards for Best Storytelling and Best Animation at STVF (China) along with projects from Cartoon Network, Canal+ and the 2017 Oscar nominee Revolting Rhymes from the BBC and for the Japan Prize for «Best Educational Media in Preschool Category» (Japan). He has been working in the industry since 2002, for more that 12 years as head of production, director and show-runner. He has personally created more than 400 characters for animation and games. Since 2005, Anton has been actively engaged in teaching activities.

Animatonics is Anton Vereshchagin’s studio, which was created and aimed at the development and creation of animated brands for an international audience.

Powerry is a vertically integrated data processing company. The company’s activities include the development of products based on artificial intelligence, rendering & high-performance computing as well as digital assets management solutions.

Chaos Group (V-Ray) is a world leader in computer graphics. The flagship product of the company is V-Ray, which helps artists and designers create photoreal imagery and animation for design, television, and feature films"

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