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Powerry and CETC INTERNATIONAL agreed upon the construction of a data center in the capital of Kazakhstan

September 10, 2019

2 min read

Powerry and CETC INTERNATIONAL agreed upon the construction of a data center in the capital of Kazakhstan

International Company «POWERRY» and State Enterprise of the PRC, «CETC INTERNATIONAL» a CETC State Corporation associate, signed a Memorandum of Intent, providing a set of measures for the development of digital infrastructure in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The Memorandum provides for the conclusion of a binding agreement between the two companies, concerning the construction of a data center in the capital of Kazakhstan catering for the market needs of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and also other perspective customers from the countries along the «Belt and Road» initiative henceforth creating a «Digital Silk Road».

Furthermore, the companies expressed their interest in joint management of the data centers and contributing to the implementation of the «Digital Kazakhstan» national program. The critical terms of cooperation shall be agreed upon by the parties no later than 30th October, in order to start the implementation of the project on 31st December 2019.

«CETC International», as well as «СЕТC Сloud», being the CETC Corporation affiliates, actively respond and implement the strategic consensus between the leaders of both countries, and demonstrate their abilities to provide digital support and to render innovative services to governments and enterprises, to stimulate the development of digital and information infrastructure in Kazakhstan, and to further increase the well-being of the population.

Abdumalik Mirakhmedov, Co-owner of Powerry: «We are developing the leading player in the field of data processing by having our own data center infrastructure and flexible access to energy facilities in our assets. A partnership with such a respected partner, as the Chinese „CETC International“ Company, will allow us not only to solve the strategic objectives of developing our own business, but also to develop a cutting-edge digital infrastructure in the Republic of Kazakhstan, that will fully meet our country’s development objectives.»

Powerry is a vertically integrated data services company. The company’s activities include the development of products based on artificial intelligence, rendering & high-performance computing as well as digital assets management solutions. Powerry is the largest data centre operator in Kazakhstan with four data centres under management (more than 40,000 sq. m. in total) and access to one of the most competitive electricity rates in the world. The Company employs over 200 specialists and has offices in Moscow, Nur-Sultan and Berlin.

Powerry plans to become a major player in the global data solutions and high-performance computing market, which is expected to grow to USD 500 billion by 2025 according to the company’s own estimates. «The time has come when the market of data processing services is suffering a shortage of computing power supply. We believe that the demand for computing power will continue to grow in the future and we expect record market growth in 2020-2025,» added Mr. Mirakhmedov.

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