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Abdumalik Mirakhmedov: Bitcoin will keep on getting a more attractive financial instrument

November 25, 2020

2 min read

Abdumalik Mirakhmedov: Bitcoin will keep on getting a more attractive financial instrument

Nur-Sultan, November 25, 2020

On November 24, Abdumalik Mirakhmedov, an Executive Chairman & Founder of Powerry participated as a panelist in Mining and Investment Summit 2020 organized by Bitmain & Matrixport.

Mining and Investment Summit 2020 brought together the top leading companies in the fields of cryptocurrency mining and digital asset financial services. A half-day online event tailored to deliver the latest and most significant global mining trends, risk management, and investment opportunities currently happening in the industry gave its participants many insights and answers to the questions about mining landscape and opportunities in 2020, interesting investing trends, BTC trends, types of investment into mining, etc.

Among speakers and panelists of the Summit there were Eugene Ng, Sales & Business Development Director, Matrixport; Su Ke, Sales director for EMEA & CIS, Bitmain; Whit Gibbs, CEO, Compass Mining and the Host of HASHR8; Steve Barbour, CEO, Upstream Data Inc.; Tim Rainey, CFO, Greenidge Generation LLC; Chase Lochmiller, Co-Founder & CEO, Crusoe Energy Systems; Ethan Vera, Co-Founder, Luxor; Mike Colyer, CEO, Foundry Digital; Merrick Okamoto, Chairman & CEO, Marathon Patent Group; Taras Kulyk, Senior Vice President, Core Scientific and many others.

Talking at the panel “Operations and Investment into Mining”, Abdumalik stressed that in 2020 BTC has proven to be a sustainable financial instrument despite its own volatility in H1 2020 and overall challenging economic situation in the world. “Notwithstanding the mess that COVID-19 has introduced in 2020 we have witnessed more and more significant institutional financial players starting to use Bitcoin in their operations,” – said Mr. Mirakhmedov. He also called for the banking communities to be more attentive towards investing opportunities arising at the emerging markets, namely in Kazakhstan where energy rates are world’s lowest.

The event showcased 3 talks, 3 panel discussions providing attendees with relevant information to pursue and manage their investment plans effectively. The Summit was followed by an active discussion and q&a session. 

About Powerry
Powerry is one of the largest operators involved in the construction and management of data centers in Kazakhstan. Powerry provides data processing services; the company’s activities include the development of products based on artificial intelligence, high-performance computing, as well as tools for managing digital assets. The company owns four data centers in Kazakhstan. Powerry has over 200 employees; their offices are located in Munich, Berlin, Nur-Sultan and Moscow.

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