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Vertically-integrated Provider of Data Processing &
High-performance Computing Solutions

With scalable access to 75MW of electricity power at four own data centers


Machine Learning

Integrated set of instruments for building Machine Learning products fast and cost-effective

Rendering & High-performance Computing

Computational power with transparent pricing and high capacity on demand

Digital Assets

Scalable digital asset management infrastructure at own data centers with the lowest electricity costs in the world

Why choose us



Four own data centers supported by 75 MW of electricity power



Access to cheap electricity power and direct contracts with hardware producers


Secure & Compliant

Application of best-in-class methods to ensure customers' data is fully protected

Abdumalik Mirakhmedov


At Powerry we build vertically-integrated Global Datahub serving a trillion-dollar data market, driven by AI, Cloud Computing and Big Data processing.

With cheap electricity power and highly-experienced labor force we aim to bring the most cost-efficient computing solutions to the market.


Data centers

40 000 sq m

Data centers area

75 MW

Current power capacity

Executive Team & Board

Andrey Kim

Member of the Board

Marco Krohn

Member of the Board

Rashit Makhat

Member of the Board

Corporate responsibility

Powerry has implemented an environmental management system

We use the most advanced and efficient cooling technologies and UPS systems with the lowest power and cooling consumption per unit

We aim to reduce our environmental footprint by ensuring waste minimization, implementing tree planting initiatives and other green projects